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A section purely for practicing conjugations?

The conjugations are the hardest part of learning a new language, so I think that there should be a game that purely focuses on verb conjugation.Who agrees?

August 7, 2013



NotAndrew, with all due respect Learning a new language will never be completely "Natural" unless you somehow find yourself in another country left to your own devices. I see where you're coming from though. The only disagreement I have with Apocalyn is that instad of "Congugate abrir to the Yo form in future tense, they should have a sentance like " yo___ la ventana manana. (abrir) therfore it'll signal the brain to a) look ahead at the time given and b) allow you to mentally connect the congugations to their correct time period. If that makes sense haha.


i agree, because my conjugations are too bad.


Practicing conjugations is definitely an important aspect of learning languages...after all, how can you speak fluently if you have to pause and think about the verb? I really would like to see a section where you could add the verbs you needed to study, and it would cycle through those conjugations.

Ex. I want to practice the Spanish verbs comer, abrir, dejar, pensar, pedir in the preterite, subjunctive, and imperfect forms. Exercises like "conjugate abrir in the preterite form for usted" would be very helpful...it's how I learned Spanish in school. Constant repetition.

The current vocabulary practice section is not as effective as I'd like it to be. For Italian, I practice the same sentences over and over, but I don't unlock all of the pronouns and I can only practice two at a time. But I understand that Duolingo is always improving, so I'm looking forward to new features in the future!


I agree, this would be quite helpful. (Although I'll hate the section cuz I'll always lose - I find it very hard to conjugate verbs and tenses)


Yes, definitely! This would make my Spanish study progress much faster!


At least for the most-often used tenses, I would love to see this.


Would be handy, sure.. though not exactly "natural" language which may be why it wasn't considered suitable so far.

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