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Bug that shoots down practice lessons

Does anyone else see this kind of strange behavior:

(1) At one point in a lesson it doesn't show the results after checking the answer, just the continue button.

(2) On the next screen the layout is getting distorted. And you can't check your answer, the button is grayed out...

(3) ... so you have to skip.

(4) Then you get a fault for a correct answer.

(5) And after clicking continue again the whole screen layout is scrambled.

Then you can just quit the practice lesson - and of course you lose all your correct answers. It happens only in practice lessons and mostly near the end, but quite often over the last few days. Very annoying!

I can provide 5 screenshots if needed or try to look at this Facebook posting in the group "Duolingo Dutch learners": https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=656212474488666=pcb.367887466728637=1_count=5

February 1, 2015



Hi all, thank you for reporting this. We've pushed a fix for this issue, can you let us know if you're still experiencing this? Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!


I've just done 5 lessons without any problems, so looking good.


Two days without problems so far! Feels better, thanks a lot! :-)


Yes it all looks good now. Thank you so much for fixing it before I threw my laptop out of the window in frustration! Well done to all concerned.


Yes, it happened to me as well today for the first time.

I'm glad it's not my pc problem. I hope they will fix it soon.



My course was the Swedish one.


Yes, probably so, especially the first one. Great that you submitted a support request. It is something happening in different trees and with different browsers (ma at latest Firefox), and just started recently, so probably a real programming problem...


Yes, I had this happen a few times already. By the way, it is possible to check the answer and continue by pressing enter, so there is some way to overcome the problem. However, when the bug occurs, the audio questions won't be played, and those have to be skipped every time, which is frustrating.


Yes this has been happening to me a lot recently and its very frustrating. As you say it always seems to be when you are nearing the end of the lesson and the only way out for me is to quit and start again. I am doing the French lessons so maybe its a bug that is affecting all learners.


It happens to me in the Danish lessons, too.


Would not let me continue after discuss sentence


This is happening to me all the time since the last week. Sometimes you can still complete the lesson by using the keyboard only, but sometimes the progress bar stops going up too. Very frustrating!

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