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Tu expliquer use of "me disent""?

En Lecon Cinq of Pronoms deux il y a la phrase utilise,"Les uns et les autres 'me disent' quoi faire." Duolingo se traduire comme "The ones and the others 'tell me' what to do." En la question, pourquoi il est la phrase le signification du dire plutot que a parler ?

November 22, 2012



1- I take the liberty to correct your French: 'Dans la leçon 5 - pronoms 2, il y a la phrase "les uns et les autres 'me disent' quoi faire". Durlingo le traduit par "The ones and the others 'tell me' what to do". Dans la question, quelle est la différence de signification entre 'dire' et 'parler'? 2- Now, my answer: 'disent' is verb 'dire' which means 'say or tell' ; 'parler' means 'talk or speak'.


Dear Sitesurf, Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your two part answer. But after seeing your corrections, I feel that I will never achieve my goal of being able to learn French on my own. So many elements to remember when composing what you are trying to say. Thank you very much.


Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Yes you can (learn French), with help probably, but you can because you try... It also took me a long time (and a lot of help) to learn English, so...


Maybe this will help to remember "dire" - and that your French could be a lot worse!



Dear 1km, I have been seriously upset over my 'dream' of one day being able to simply speak to other's of French ancestry. I think they are the greatest country, and without doubt, the most civilized place on the planet. Theodore Roosevelt who was sent to France by his family to learn French, has stated that the French language is the most specific method ever devised for explanation. But for me, it is the most romantic language in the world, and I have had dreams of walking along the Seine. Truly, your video made my holiday, and thank you so much. Perdre.

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