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Can anyone explain me immersion in detail,i've uploaded one but i don't know what's all happening with it.

August 7, 2013



When you upload an article, it goes to the category you put it in under the Immersions tab for that language. It will also be in the "new" section for that language. Other users (or you as well) read the article and translate it from the Immersion tab. When the article has been completely translated, you'll get an email saying "an article you upload has received some attention!" with a link to the translation of the article. You can also keep track of it by going to the Immersion tab and clicking on "my uploads".


thanks, now I understood what is immersion but one day I tried to tarnslate my article but when I pressed the enter key it does'nt translate. I don't know what happened and I was totally baffled on that day regarding immersion. But anyway thanks for good suggestion.


It is not an automatic translation. People read the article, and translate it one sentence at a time. When each sentence is translated, others read it and either confirm it as correct, or make corrections. Eventually it will arrive at a state that it will be considered 100% translated. At any given moment, you can see what percentage is translated and what percentage is confirmed. You can also select one of the options at the top left (when reading the article page) to see the original and translated versions simultaneously. It might take some time until the article is completely translated.


ok.I got it. Thanks


Alright. What happens later? I uploaded some Wikipedia articles. Will they be uploaded to Wikipedia by Duolingo or is that done manually by the users? Thank you for your comment. It really helped me to understand. If anyone knows the answer to my question. Please answer. Thank you. =)


You have to do it yourself, or another individual here would have to take responsibility for it. The only things that work automatically are the CNN and Buzzfeed articles, which those companies are paying to have translated.


pls, pls. tell me

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