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"Hon mindes inte vad hon hette."

Translation:She did not remember her name.

February 1, 2015



Mindes is not correctly pronounced (Feb 1, 2015). The "i" should be short like this: http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/mindes/


Would the following be an acceptable alternative? "Hon mindes inte hennes namn." Or is this really unnatural sounding?


Yes, that is also accepted.


Translating "vad hon hette" as "her name" seems like a very loose translation. I thought DL strived more for accuracy and closeness to the original, but here the parts of speech completely change! I think if the Swedish intended name as a noun here, they would use it that way. No?


That is indeed the case - but in the case of idiomatics, a broader range of translations tend to be accepted. I imagine there are quite a few things you can get marked correct for here. :)


...but apparently not "She did not remember what she is called." ; )


The Swedish translation is as ambiguous as the English sentence, whereas hon mindes inte hennes namn and hon mindes inte sitt namn distinguish the two meanings.


Do you need the "vad"in there


Yes, it's required.

Compare with English if you'd said "She didn't remember what she was called." If you remove the "what", the sentence loses its meaning.

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