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(de/du/des)+Pl. adjective+ Pl. noun ?!!!.

It has been starting to get a little confusing which preposition should precede pleural adjective and noun in French ... I once wrote an explanation saying ... In French (de) precedes them, then lately while practicing Plural chapter I dealt with two different types of preposition forms, For example:-

La nourriture des jeunes elephants ... ( Young elephants' food), Elle a de petits chiens .... ( She has small dogs )

Anyone has more elaborating explanation ?!...

November 22, 2012

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For quantities of things: If the adjective comes before the noun, you should drop the article. If it comes after the noun, keep the article. Example: "Elle a des chiens féroces." However: "Elle a de grands chiens." You drop it because the adjective comes before the noun. Here, the word "de" is basically saying "some".

For possessives: You keep the article for possession. So you keep it in "la nourriture des jeunes éléphants" because you're not describing an amount of something. You're saying "of the elephants", not "of some elephants".

Hope this helps! I learned French by going to France, so I might be off about the formal rules...

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