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"De ministers gebruiken verschillende strategieën."

Translation:The ministers use different strategies.

3 years ago


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Is several only an acceptable translation of 'verschillende' when it is synonymous with different?

3 years ago


'Verschillende' literally/technically means 'different', but is colloquially also used for 'various'. It is unclear in the above sentence which meaning is intended; if you want to specifically say 'various' you could use 'verscheidene' instead.

3 years ago

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I put "The ministers use several strategies" but this is wrong. Could someone please explain why?

2 years ago


I might be wrong and probably put way to much thought into this sentence, but I think this sentence is trying to say that "each singular minister used a strategy that differed from the strategy used by another minister. " for example: Minister A used strategy A, Minister B used strategy B etc.

I think the context is not clear enough for my analysis though, so in my opinion "several" should also be acceptable.

11 months ago


Is this the correct pronunciation of "strategieën"? Is "gieën" all one syllable? It seems like it should be two, but in the audio it's run together. Thanks!

1 year ago


It is not the correct pronunciation. The ë indecates that the sound is the short e sound instead of being ee.

10 months ago

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To clarify, the diaeresis (two dots placed over a letter) indicates that a new sound starts with that letter. In this case it clarifies that you should pronounce ie and then e (schwa in this case). Without, you could read it as i followed by ee (so the long ee sound).

Some examples:

  • zoëven (a long oo and a long ee sound, so there is no oe sound here)
  • coöpereren (two separate long oo sounds, not one)
  • geïnd (an e (schwa) and a short i sound, there is no ei sound)
10 months ago