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"My uncle is an employee."

Translation:Mi tío es un empleado.

3 years ago



Why not the personal "a" with "Mi"?

3 years ago

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Hi, Avery - because "Mi tío" is the Subject; the personal 'a' is only used if "mi tío" were a Direct Object.

3 years ago


avery- there's no a poersonal after a possessive adjective, the Personal A is after the verb

2 years ago


Why is Ser used here and not Estar and why in the drop down menu does esta come up as a translation for "is" an employee?

3 years ago

  • Ser = To be something (a boy, a dog, a teacher…).
  • Ser = To have a daily conduct (crazy, bipolar…).
  • Ser = The time of the day (it's day, it's afternoon, it's lunch time, it's time to walk…).
  • Estar = To be doing something (sleeping, eating, running…).
  • Estar = To be in a place (in a house, on a garden, in a school…).
  • Estar = To be with a mood (happy, sad, tired…).
  • Estar = To be with a health status (healthy, sick, alive, dead…).
  • Estar = To have a temporal conduct.
  • Estar = The weather (it's raining, it's sunny, it's cloudy…).
3 years ago


wratsey- ser is always used in front of a noun, never estar. And Duo shows you another word for to be, but not necessarly the correct answer. They give you information about to be can have two translations, it depends of the context or the phrase.

2 years ago


I thought that "an employee" could have the "an" missing and assumed in Spanish. Does "empleado" not mean either "employee" or "an employee" ?

1 year ago


Of whom?

11 months ago


I clicked for a meaning,went back to typing, and the stupid thing mixed up empleado with two other words!!!!!!!!!

11 months ago


my Spanish speaking family said "empleado" is and employee and that "obrero" is a laborer - the translation said employee and so the answer is not technically correct to post laborer

8 months ago


I put uncle to work.

3 months ago

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In what cases is "un" used after tener and ser?

2 months ago