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  5. "Hvor mange tal er der?"

"Hvor mange tal er der?"

Translation:How many numbers are there?

February 1, 2015



what's the difference between tal and nummer? TAK :D


I was going to answer, and then I realized that it is quite complicated and I don't really know what to say, despite being a native.

At least I can say this: "nummer" is used for phone numbers, your place in a queue or you house number, and generally for things that might as well be a name and doesn't necessarily count something.


When can Hvor be used as How??


Treat "hvor mange" as a single unit meaning "how many", just as "hvorfor" means "why" and "hvordan" means "how"

In "hvor mange" is just not written in one word like the others are.


I believe hvordan is more of a "How did you do that?" and hvor is "how close is it?" (one is about an action, the other is asking for a description).


"tal" doesn't have a plural form? or it's not required by the "hvor mange" question structure?


It has. They are just identical.

"Et tal, flere tal."


plural of tallet is tal: et tal, tallet, tal, tallene is the declension of the noun. To find out about the declension of all nouns you can check a dictionary. Most people here use https://ordnet.dk/ddo

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