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Wrong XP in the leaderboard

Today I've met my 20xp daily goal, but in the leaderboard, it shows me I've got only 10xp this week and 40xp this month (today is the first day of the month). Both should be 20xp.

February 2, 2015



It xp is showing on the 'all time' and advancing correctly, but neither the this week or this month are calculating since we entered February.


I've got the same problem! Hope they'll make it right soon...


Bah! Counting things right and drawing graphs right and allowing you to see how far you are towards your next level are mere details, unimportant, trivial, window dressing. Why should they fix them? They have bigger, higher things in mind.

Besides, counting things is a hard computer problem. And graphs? Don't get me started. You may as well ask for a Theory of Everything on a napkin.

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We are working on repopulating the system that keeps track of this data. No progress was lost and your leaderboard will soon be correct.


The leaderboard resets at midnight UTC/GMT time zone. For example, since I live in the Pacific (-8 hours), my weekly leaderboard resets at 4pm every Sunday. My monthly leaderboard just reset itself yesterday (31 Jan) at 4 pm local time.

I'm guessing you did 10XP today before GMT hit midnight and 10XP just after. And you have done 40XP since GMT hit midnight yesterday.


Now, the leaderboard is reseted, and both week and month XP are zero.


Ah, mine as well. Something weird is happening. :(


My leaderboard has been set to zero for hours. Ooops.


It doesn't show my XP on the leaderboard either, but at leas it is counting them (hopefully)


It is now fixed for me. 6:20 pm GMT, 2nd February 2015.


I think now it's fixed.


Related: why does the leaderboard no longer show total XPs and progress toward the next level? A major motivator/reward has disappeared! I have asked repeatedly about this, but no reply.


Did you create a topic about this?


No. I asked several times on the support tab, but no reply. I'll start a topic. Do you know what's going on?

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