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How can I get my word back?

I'm using Duolingo to learn French. I think it is a very good way to learn a language and it has a vocabulary. I sometimes go there to practice words. One day, I practiced the word "lire" several times but it still says I haven't practiced enough. So I clicked "Remove from practice" button on the right. Since then "lire" hasn't appear in my vocabulary. I tried searching but got 0 results. How can I get the word back?

August 7, 2013



The same verb disappeared from my vocabulary, I want the verb back to.


I saw that discussion. Did any other verbs which you removed from practise disappear from your vocabulary?


I did not remove the word from practice, it disappeared after I practiced the verb twice. And I have not removed any word.


I would like to know this too. I asked a similar question here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/770298


It's really strange... Lenkvist thinks that the word will appear again after some time, and it did appear again. Now I got the word back(although I don't know how). Anyway, thanks to mdw333 and tradercomplex. Thank you for your help.

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