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Studenterna dricker öl. - possible bug

I've noticed on a couple of lessons that when I try to click on Discussion it doesn't actually load. It was working for my strengthen I did before trying lesson 1 of Professions. I'm redoing lesson 1 again now, and the Discussion button was working for each phrase until I got to Studenterna dricker öl. It goes through the loading process, but nothing pops up.

After I got to that question, the Discussion button then stopped working for every question after it. Has anybody else come across this problem?

February 2, 2015



Please report each and every instance of discussion button not working.


Yes I had this problem first on one page then on several pages. I reported it. Later I found that if I refreshed/reloaded the page in the browser, Chrome on a Mac, everything was back to normal, except that it takes you back to the start of the lesson.


I don't use Chrome, but refreshing can fix it also and restarts also on windows explorer. This has also happened more often on my android phone than on the web and usually with beta languages, so I am thinking it is fixable.


This is happening to me in Esperanto course, in Accusative/1. Discussion button stops to work after the sentence He loves her and they kiss. I have refreshed the page a few times, but the error always occurs at the same sentence.

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