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Top 500 Users Charts for Coins, Streaks

I think it would be neat to have that.

August 7, 2013



I agree. As fun as it is competing with friends, it would be pretty cool to have an official leaders board to strive for.


Hmm, I don't really have anything against the idea, but I don't really see the point in those things. Whoever gets to the top will get so entrenched that knocking them off will be an unrealistic prospect for the overwhelmingly vast majority of people (500 vs 5 million?), and it dilutes the fact that you are doing the thing for your own self improvement, not for some arbitrary coin collecting exercise or to knock someone else down a couple of pegs. I just don't think knowing who the 'best' duo lingo users are is that interesting. Trying to be number 1 is really not that exciting. It's like the top 100 music charts - sure they show what music is statistically successful, but I like listening to a hell of a lot more than the top 100 songs, so many that I would volunteer to have the 'top' 100 erased from my memory without hesitation rather than forget the 'bottom' 15 thousand.


People don't need to be entrenched at all, not if it is done on a weekly stat basis. E.g. people who have earned the most points in that week. You're thinking about this all wrong. Different people have different motivations and you shouldn't try to push your ideal of what a motivator should be onto other people, installing this feature wouldn't harm YOU in anyway but it would help a lot of people who get motivated by competition and the desire to gain glory etc. People work in different ways and that's why different features should exist, to accommodate not only how different people learn but also how different people stay motivated.

I think this is an EXCELLENT idea and I fully support it, it would be very easy to program.


Agreed. Besides, the idea already exists on a small scale with regards to competing with your friends for the top spots on your personal leaderboard. This is just an expansion on the concept for those who are into that sort of thing.


Who's pushing? I'm not in charge, I am just stating my opinion. What makes you think anyone is going to take it into account? I can't help it if my opinion makes you uncomfortable...


You're right, I half read your post and overreacted.


哦哦,你也学中文 :D


Good idea to do it on a weekly or monthly basis, like your personal leaderboard.


I agree with you. I too don't see the point. I am here to learn, not try to get more points.


Perhaps not you, but some learn better with incentives (the coins) and it's a simple concept, if you didn't like it, then you just wouldn't look at it.


As an incentive, the top scorer could translate the Nibelungenlied, or equivalent epic literary work, in their best language. :-)


Don't be silly, why would anyone show actual displays of talent when there are imaginary gold coins to be had?


I think that is a really good idea Preusser.


I think that may be tricky, because just because someone receives top score, doesn't necessarily mean they're actually going to be good at translating. I've seen some learners that have a high level and yet still don't understand the basics. But for the epic literary work? I would absolutely love to see that, but perhaps on the Immersion page itself so everyone can put in their two cents. You have a wonderful idea forming. I would love to see a "classics" portion or "fairy tales" for the young'uns to translate.


I really support the proposal. The sense of competition could add additional motivation. For example, I am motivated to keep my streak in a good shape :) Seeing the moving up/down in different charts could spice the things up. Presently, I see only couple of friends. No challenge.


IT would be cool to have a leaderboard. I would like to see that.


Seems like fun, except that the accumulation of coins or lengthy streaks have at best a tenuous relationship to learning – and learning is what many, if not most of us, are here for. I've seen people rack up amazing scores and yet ask questions that suggest a failure to understand some pretty basic concepts. What I'd like to see is recognition for some of the native speakers who selflessly squander a lot of their own time helping those of us who are learning their language. There are a number of german speaking members who will never go thirsty if they find themselves in a bar with me! Thank you all,.


True, but at the same time, the "programme" seems to be formed partly around the point system.


One way to reward "helpers" would be to give a point for a certain number of upvotes (maybe just in specific lesson discussions, not the general discussions). Or, have a separate icon for number of upvotes, that appears along with your language flags and streaks. Then we could see who the most credible, helpful people are (e.g. Sitesurf in French!)


I think this is a great idea. It would motivate people to continue and increase the amount of time that they practice.


I have to say I totally agree about how wonderfully helpful some of the native German speakers are. I think I'd have given up by now without having the benefit of their comments and help in the discussions. I would also like to add a big THANK YOU for all the effort they put in to help us beginners.


I kinda want to See if I'm up there


I vote no. These scores can be motivational, but seeing that somebody else has 25,000 points, or whatever, is just going to discourage those of us diligently picking up 25 points a day working on a new tongue.


There is one motivational aspect that triggers me with charts etc, out of many, so it´s a clear yes from my perspective!


I think the thing they should implement is not overall points, but for points this week global chart. Then even the newbies will be able to get good scores and be motivated. I was pretty intimidated by some of the other users when I started, and I reckon it's still the same for newbies now especially since there are more people using duolingo.


It’s all about COMMITMENT with something.


yesssssss ahahah that would be really cool

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