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Suggestion: Fewer "multiple choice," more "select the right word" questions

In my opinion 9 out of 10 multiple choice questions are way too easy. I don't even have to read the whole answers to figure out that out of "Jag jordgubbe mina barn" "Jag älskar min björn" and "Jag älskar mina barn" (agreement fixed) only the third is correct for "I love my children." It is useful when multiple answers are correct, but most of the time the words are so obviously wrong that I can just scan the major words to determine which are right (EDIT: I wanted to add that even if I'm not sure of the right answer, I can usually figure it out by picking out the answer with the most common words, ie älskar and barn are in twice, and the third answer is the only one that has both therefore I can fairly safely guess that it's the right answer). On the other hand, I think types of questions like "I love my children = Jag älskar min/mitt/mina barn" would be more helpful in reinforcing Swedish agreement.

February 2, 2015



Men jag älskar min björn!

min kära

On a more serious note, I agree. It's super easy to eliminate wrong answers due to obviously inappropriate words.


MUCH AGREEMENT IS BEING HAD BY ME HERE. Those multiple choice things suck.

It'd be cool if they gave like one or two letter mistakes so that it really forces you to learn it well. Maybe a "correct the sentence" feature would also be cool -- it gives you a wrong sentence, then you have to find and correct the error.


This. Learning the difference between "En flicka äter bröd" and "Flickan äter bröd" is much more useful than having to pick between "Flickan äter bröd" and "Flickan vatten spindeln" or whatever silly non-sentence they cobble together.


omg flickan vatten spindel made me laugh for some reason and I spit my bagel into my hand

thanks for that experience here's a lingot


I second the "correct the sentence" idea, or even just a simple "is this sentence correct?" that would focus on articles, adjective endings, word order and things. I remember my French class in high school started off with that exercise every day and I found it to be extremely helpful.


I agree that the multiple choice questions are WAY too easy. I've learned to try to not look at them until after I've translated the sentence in order to add a bit of challenge.

While we're on the topic of question types, I think I would appreciate questions that ask you to listen to the Swedish version and translate to written English.


Agreed- I think they'll turn this feature on when they've got a better TTS though!


I think it's "Jag älskar mitt barn", not "Jag älskar min barn" ^^;


I just looked it up, "mitt barn" is "my child," "mina barn" is "my children" which is what I was going for. Either way, I could use more practice with agreement and multiple choice questions aren't giving me that.


I mostly agree, but I also think that the "ridiculous" multiple choice questions can serve a pedagogical purpose. Using your example, let's say that I don't have a solid grasp on the word "älskar." But I know that jordgubbe most definitely doesn't mean "love." Seeing the word "älskar" in the answers reinforces for me the meaning of a word that I still need help with, even though it's not technically a focus for this particular lesson. The drop-down "pick the right version of the word" questions are, as you say, a more helpful option for reinforcing agreement.


I have read a similar discussion a few months ago, and that was pretty much the consensus there. Yes, this type of exercise is not challenging, but it does not mean it is useless -- actually, quite the opposite, it is very good at reinforcing correct forms when you're shaky precisely because the correct answer is quite obvious. Since the main goal of this game is language learning, and not avoiding the death of the main protagonist, I think these exercises are quite okay as they are.


I think that they are much more useful when introducing new concepts than reviewing older ones, and a lot of times it's not even the new words that are jumbled but the words that you have gone over a hundred times. I don't think they should eliminate the multiple choice questions, just reduce the amount and supplement them with something else.


Agreed with you, they are way too easy, though sometimes theyve been useful to me when theyve contained 2 correct answers instead of just 1 and some completely random and obviously incorrect alternatives. The other thing i wish is that the phrases were a bit more varied... for example, i must have seen dricker vatten come up 1000 times by now but have only seen olja or os maybe 5 times each


Agreed, but I think the bigger problem (at least early on, I only just started) is that some of the translation questions are just plain silly. In the animals module, for instance, I got several questions asking me to translate a single word with only two choices, and the only difference between them was a capital letter. Is Swedish for Dog "hund" or "Hund"? Is Swedish for Bear "björn" or "Björn"? At least put some other words in there.


In that case both would probably be correct, unless they were asking you which was a member of ABBA.


Oh, i always use the one with the capital, in sentence you instantly know what word to pick first ^^ Also, better understanding of grammar or word order would be useful (f.e. in gap exercises).


Agreed, although I'll miss some of them, they can be hilariously nonsensical :P


I've just noticed that I think they've put in more of these "select the right word" questions. I hadn't seen them at all up until the past couple days, and the multiple choice seem to be getting better!

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