"Vad laddar du ner?"

Translation:What are you downloading?

February 2, 2015



Can someone explain how this phrase works please?

August 3, 2015


ladda ner is a particle verb, so the stress always goes on ner'. It's a question, so the verb must go before the subject, and the question word goes first of all. But verb and its particle are easily separated (the subject easily goes between them, and adverbs too, but not objects). So the particle goes last. If you'd add an object instead, it would go after the particle: Laddar du ner en fil?* 'Are you downloading a file?' but the particle would still go after the subject.

August 3, 2015


so does laddar alone mean something else?

October 18, 2015


Yes, for instance charge, as in jag laddar mobilen 'I'm charging my cell phone'. And also load as in 'load a gun', but not as in 'load a truck'.

October 23, 2015


I had the feel for it, but this explains it in black and white for me. Tack så mycket

August 23, 2018


Would "Vad laddar du ned be equally accepted? Is laddar ner more common?

October 30, 2015


Yes, it's just as acceptable. I don't know which one is more common, but either works well regardless of context. However, as a noun, "en nedladdning" (a download) is always ned.

October 30, 2015


I was wondering, I see both "hämta" and "ladda ned" on the internet for downloading files and loading pages and such. What would you say is the difference between the meanings of these two words as far as it relates to use on the internet and with computer related things?

January 10, 2016


I think "ned" is a more formal / older spelling compared to "ner", similar to "Sade" / "Sa" (said) or "Tag" / "Ta"(take)

November 2, 2015
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