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"Det er en have helt uden blomster."

Translation:It is a garden entirely without flowers.

February 2, 2015


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So it's a rock garden.


Or a vegetable garden.


This one got me because I forgot a "have" can be both a sea and a garden XD


"have" has tree meanings in Danish.

It can be plural of "hav" so it means seas, not a sea

It can be garden.

It can be a verb spelled similarly to the English verb in Shakespeare's "to have or not to have"


This sentence feels unnatural to me. I would always say "It's a garden without any flowers". I've never heard anyone use "entirely" in this way, even though I get what this sentence means.


The suggested translation was "wholly without flowers", which sounds even stranger than "entirely without flowers". It should be "without any flowers".


It is a garden with flowers. It is a garden without flowers. It is either with or without flowers.


The sentence is read correctly but for one word. Garden is "have" and Danes say both syllables. But only "ha" is heard. This is because "have" is a noun here but can also a verb. And in the latter case we only say the first syllable. Probably because the verb is used a lot.


I hear the female voice saying "he:ve".


So.. My natural way of saying this would be "there is a garden". Shouldn't they both be accepted? I don't understand when "det er" translates to "it is" or "there is".


But the Danish frase starts with 'det er' not 'der er'. But you are correct in translating 'der er' to 'there is'. However, 'det er' cannot be translated to anything but 'it is'.


So if I wanted to say "there is a garden" it would only be "der er en have"? I'm only confused because Duo has accepted some different answers at some point. Or so I think, I might be wrong of course...


I am not sure how Duo attained the competency. I think my Danish (my mother tongue) is superior. There are several bad mistakes. I am only level 10 but it is hard to imagine that the error rate decreases when the complexity goes up. Kudos with you attempt to learn Danish but the Duo prononciation is very dated. Unfortunately spoken Danish is hard to come by. No doubt one of the most difficult Indo-European languages.

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