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Ja, Jag, Jo Pronunciation Options?

So I was listening to a song and I noticed that the singer pronounces ja/jag/jo with the English 'J' sound... Is this a dialect? Is it widely accepted? Here's the link... The verse with "Ja, jag..." starts at 0:37 and the "Jo" is the first word of the next stanza.


Can it be pronounced that way? Is there a reason she does this if it isn't pronounced like that at all?

February 2, 2015



I rarely ever hear native Swedes pronounce it that way, when they do, it's usually because they're clenching their teeth.


Oh... Okay well maybe she was clenching her teeth while singing haha. Thanks.


Seems like she's trying to make it sound a bit "harder" to go with the beat. Artistic licence. None of the Swedes I know pronounce it quite like that.

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