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"Itu" si bermakna banyak yang membingungkan

Please do tell me if I'm wrong but isn't the best translation for "Itu" in English is "That" ? Not "The" or "It". Well honestly I don't know what's the proper definition for "The" in Bahasa Indonesia

February 2, 2015

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I agree with you. We don't know what's the proper definition for "The" in Bahasa Indonesia.


Sang? tapi hanya untuk orang :|


The can be translated into many things based on the surrounding words. If "the" is used within a sentence, it can be translated into "tersebut," which in english it literally means "mentioned", if only it has been introduced its importance in earlier part of the text. The can also be translated into "si" or "sang". "Sang" is usually used to introduce someone in heroic manner or someone who is significant in the text. meanwhile "si" is usually used in informal sphere. The can also be translated into "itu" which literally means "that" in english.


Yes, there is no direct translation for these elements, they cannot be translated directly. "itu" can mean "that", "the", or "it", and "the" can mean "itu", "-nya", and a whole host other things. English and Indonesian have a very different way of thinking to express this concept.

If you are translating/conversing outside Duolingo, it is best if you don't attempt to transliterate these elements literally. Instead remove these elements from the translation and reintroduce them when it makes sense for grammatical correctness and to clarify what the you/original sentence intend to say.


In part of speech, "The" is an ARTICLE, and categorized as definite article.

In 'Indonesian part of speech' (jenis-jenis kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia), an ARTICLE (Artikula/Kata Sandang in Indonesia) doesn't have a meaning, but it has fuction to define or explain Nomina/Kata Benda (Noun in english).

Some articles commonly used in Indonesian: sang, para, si, sri

SANG usually used to define/explain a noun is singular ex: sang juara (the winner, it mention a winner)

PARA usually used to define/explain a noun is plural ex: para juara (the winners, it mention some winners)

Just for your information, jenis-jenis kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia:

  1. Kata kerja (verba)

  2. Kata sifat (adjektiva)

  3. Kata keterangan (adverbia)

  4. Kata benda (nomina),

  5. Kata ganti (pronomina),

  6. Kata bilangan (numeralia)

  7. Kata tugas : Kata Sandang (artikel), Kata Depan (preposisi), Kata Hubung (konjungsi), Partikel, Kata Seru (interjeksi),

I'm not sure how to explain further because I'm just a student not a teacher :') but these site references in Indonesian have good explanation:



Sorry I think I missed the point.

By the way, "Itu" is categorized as pronomina in Indonesian part of speech (pronoun in English)

and, yes, I think "That" is the best translation since "That" can be a determiner, conjuntion, or pronoun



"The" serves as definite article. In Indonesian this isn't directly translatable, yet the emphasis is still on the differentiation between definite (the) and indefinite (a), so it was decided that "the" translates into "itu". It's a little shaky, yes, but it's better than nothing.


I don't think "The" itself has proper translation in our language so mostly we call it "itu", to make it easier

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