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"The teacher threatens the students."

Translation:Bagraíonn an múinteoir ar na daltaí.

February 2, 2015



The 'correct solution' is 'bagraíonn an múinteoir na daltaí'. But all the examples in the dictionary seem to have the preposition 'ar' before the people threatened, and the thing with which they are threatened as the direct object. Can any of our resident experts comment? http://breis.focloir.ie/en/fgb/bagair


I’m no expert, but the NEID entry for “threaten” distinguishes between “warn of intention to cause harm, trouble” (which uses bagair ar ), “have potential to cause problems” (which mostly doesn’t use bagair, but the one example that does also uses bagair ar ), and “warn of action, strike, etc.” (which does use bagair, but would be an unusual meaning — “the students” would be the circumstance being warned of rather than the people being warned). I’d say that the first definition would be the most likely one for this sentence, so bagair ar would be appropriate.


Go raibh maith agat, a Scilling.


Found this again. I agree bagair ar is needed, unless, y'know, the teacher is threatening to set the students on someone!


Bagair ar is now (2015-04-20) recognized as being correct.

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