I was wondering about the flirting session. I have not earned enough lingots to power up to unlock that section as a teacher but I noticed that some of my students have. Is there anything inappropriate in that section should worry about for middle schoolers?

Would there be a way to access it as a teacher?


February 2, 2015


Most of the lesson is pretty tame, ("hello beautiful", "did it hurt when you fell from heaven?") but there's a couple sentences there that you might not like for middle schoolers. "Shall we go somewhere quieter?", "Your place or mine?", etc

I've given you a few lingots so you can buy it and test it out yourself.

Thank you! I appreciate that!

It won't kill them....

true. but I work in a catholic school and it's really not appropriate for 8th graders.

Wow... I'm in 8th grade. I've never had problems with it. Teachers will make a small joke about sex, have learned about it in biology, teachers don't seem to mind in Europe. The kids and teachers here really dont mind it. I guess it would be stricter in a catholic school then. I guess it might not be appropriate for your studens then..

Hello-You may be aware that there is now the option to make the flirting lesson invisible to student accounts. If you are in "settings" for a classroom and you click the option to disable mature words, the flirting lesson does not appear in the shop for them.

I have done the flirting session. There are some parts that go a little far for students below 10th grade but most of it is appropriate.

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