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"Orelhas também precisam de cuidados."

Translation:Ears also need care.

August 7, 2013



There are two words for "ear": "o ouvido" and "A orelha", but they do not mean the same! Orelha is for the outer ear, and Ouvido is for the inner part that actually detects sounds.


Yes... just as a sidenote: in Brazil "we" no longer use "ouvido" as a part of the body. We have orelha externa and orelha interna. Ouvido is the past participle of "ouvir".. who knows that? Just few people because everybody still says ouvido. But in medicine they are more strict with that!


Why plural ,,cuidados"?


when you care of something it usually involves more than one single area, so we are used to saying "cuidados", but you can use "cuidado" but its usage is kinda rare.


What is wrong with ‘ears too need care’ ?


I suspect because it's good English. Anyway, I have reported (again?) that it ought to be accepted. October 2020.


I put the 'also' at the end of the sentence. If anyone also does this they may find it vexing when it is deemed incorrect also.


Ears also have to be taken care of. - should be correct.


I wrote "also ears" but duo insists on "ears also". What about my solution? i would like to hear from my english natives around here. Thanks


Same question here - one year later. I'd appreciate an answer from a native speaker.

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