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  5. "Hvor kan vi tage toget til?"

"Hvor kan vi tage toget til?"

Translation:Where can we take the train to?

February 2, 2015



Does this sentence mean, roughly, "Where does the train go?" that is, "What places are accessible to us by train?"


To where can we take the train....


That sentence structure is something up with which I will not put!


your dearth of up putting with that sentence structure is not something that I can claim to be fond of.


The sentence is fine without the "to" at the end


Without "til" at the end, it means, "Where can we take the train?" "Where can we catch the train?" "Which is the right platform for us to catch the train we want?"

With "til", it means, "Where does the train go to?" or "Where can we go by train?"


I cannot understand this centence


I would say for example. we want to go to denmark by train, to where can we take the train? as in what places are possible to reach by train.


I saw the "til" on the end and ignored it because as a native English speaker I would never say "Where can we take the train to?"


In English we would say "Where do the trains go or "To what destination can we take the trains." Never end with the word "to".

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