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  5. "Io ho camicie."

"Io ho camicie."

Translation:I have shirts.

August 7, 2013



Don't we always have to use articles in Italian? According to what I have learned this sentence would be incorrect, since it should be: "Io ho le camicie". Or is using articles not always required?


yes i think it should be an error of duo. I'am italian and i haven't never said such a sentence! the correct one is: io ho le camicie. (sorry for my bad english)


thanks so much for a native speaker's real-life view. And your english is so much better than my italian!


Thank you, I was wondering about this as well.


6 years ago and this hasn't been fixed.


Shouldn't this be "Io ho le camicie" ? I've taken two years of Italian at school and this just sounds wrong...


We always have to use articles except for close family members and a couple other things. Absolutely it should be Io ho le camicie or Ho le camicie. I put in the article, and they count it wrong. I continue to put it in and report it as a problem that doing what is right being counted wrong. Everyone should do that.


Restonlyons, FrancoisP9, there are occasions when you dont need the article, see my post above. Also in English there is a subtle difference between I have (some) shirts, and I have the (specific) shirts


Where can I find some discussion of when to use articles in front of a direct object noun and when not too?


When something SOUNDS LIKE a A..,.....THEN U Write A . IF IT is E then it has to SOUND LIKE IT!!!!!!!

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