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  5. "En jakke."

"En jakke."

Translation:A jacket.

February 2, 2015



so is there a difference between jakke and frakke?


In english, a jacket (jakke) is usually lighter, and goes only to the waist. A coat (frakke) tends to be thicker/heavier and goes past the waist. Doing a google image search of each gives a good idea. I'm willing to bet the distinction is the same in Danish (can't say for sure though).


I see! Thank you :)


The distinction is the same in danish. Also frakke is usually a little more classy. But a suit jacket is always jakke


Ty sune. Thats new to me... most everything is .... :(


Can someone please tell me what each article of clothing is in singular form without the "the" suffix? I'm really confused and it doesn't say each one clearly in the lessons.


En skjorte, en kjole, en sko, en frakke, en nederdel, en jakke, en hat, en buks (usually only used in plural form, bukser), et jakkesæt, et tøj, en strømpe.
That should be everything.

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