"Mina föräldrar har pengar."

Translation:My parents have money.

February 2, 2015

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You're lucky then, Duo


I bet they are less ugly and weird all of a sudden, right Duo?


Oh, so Duolingo is teaching me how to beg for my life in swedish


In English, with no other context, this implies, "My parents are rich."

But in other contexts it would have the literal meaning, e.g. a kid says this when trying to buy candy or when you don't have coins to put in the parking meter (do they have those in Sweden?).

Is it the same in Swedish?


Unfortunately, as the bishop said to me when some parishioners complained to him about being asked to make a regular, if modest, contribution to the parish funds: "Are they rich people?" Me, "Yes, they tell everybody about it!" Bishop: "They don't get that way by parting with money easily." Some parents are like that, they tell themselves children need to learn the value of money. So they live on, miserably, in comfort. Other parents realise children give you something money cannot buy.


Does this mean they are carrying some notes and coins today, or that they have acquired wealth as opposed to being poor?


How to say my parents have THE money


I would imagine "Mina föräldrar har pengarna".


Lucky you, lyckost!

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