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  5. "I add new friends."

"I add new friends."

Translation:Jag lägger till nya vänner.

February 2, 2015



To my recollection many Finn-Swedes use the word 'kompis' instead on 'vän' when discussing friends, but this sentence does not approve kompis. Is there a slightly different meaning to the word, that I am not aware of, or does Duolingo simply not recognize it? Or is it more of a Finn-Swede thing?


Vän and kompis are are largely synonymous, with kompis being perhaps a little more colloquial. (Will add kompis to accepted answers here soon, there's some technical difficulties at the moment.)


This is interesting. I once had an experience in Finland that suggested to me that they do indeed use the word kompis somewhat differently than we do in Sweden. I'd be interested to find out more about this.


This is a strange sentence in English.. I "gain" new friends, or "make" sound better. Only in modern days we can add friends (on Facebook, other online networks)


It's the same in Swedish - this sentence is about adding friends to e.g. Facebook, not about making new friends.


why isn't "adderar" acceptable?


That sounds like you're adding them like you'd add sums in math :)


Why is "Jag tillägger nya vänner." incorrect?


Lägga till and tillägger both mean add, but in different senses that don't overlap completely. Lägga till is more like what you do when you actually add something to something, while tillägga is more adding in the sense of expanding, supplementing or going further.

Also, tillägga is a little more abstract. You might say "Vidare skulle jag vilja tillägga att..." to start a sentence in a series of reasoning clauses, to say "Furthermore, I'd like to add that..." for example. Lägga till on the other hand is a bit more concrete, not in the sense that it deals with concrete objects, but in the sense that adding something to a list would for example use lägga till.

Although the difference is a bit tricky, I hope that helps a little. I suppose there's also an element to it of me just natively knowing when it sounds wrong or when it doesn't.


"jag lägger nya vänner till" - my German is showing -_-"


Not directly related to this sentence specifically, but I do feel this lesson contains a lot of new words and grammar which makes me think this lesson should be split up in at least two separate lessons, comparing to the amount of new material that other lessons teach


Would i use lägger till if i was adding numbers in math?


No, that would be 'addera'.


But isn't it better to say "Jag sätter till nya vänner" if somebody for instance were adding them to things like carrots and potatoes? And is there a better way of saying 'witch's cauldron' than 'häxans kittel'? I just do a fair amount of cooking, is all. So I wonder. I don't even have any friends, längre, i alla fall.

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