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My first month of language learning!

I would like to announce my first 30 day streak! Duolingo is such and amazing language learning website! I have never been as motivated about learning language as I have been this month. Thank you Duo team and community for making this the best month of language learning in my life! Das ist alles, bis später!

August 7, 2013



It is decent but i spend about 2 hours a day on Duolingo studying and then I watch youtube videos that are teaching German or that are just speaking German. You defiantly see you're learning progress quickly when you practice it every day opposed to missing days here and there.


What videos? I'm looking for some (I find I'm good with vocab but poor at speaking/listening)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WItqPfy7xTQ&list=PL3936178A38BB5F87 here is a link to a video list that I find useful and interesting to watch. Good for learning colloquial term also to develop listening and pronunciation skills.


Isn't it amazing? I spend most of my time studying my German too, from spelling words, repeating sentences, singing along to songs, watching German cartoons, or even trying to communicate with native speakers over the Internet. I had this one really decent conversation with this German girl on YouTube about Der Koenig der Loewen (The Lion King) and it was all in German (with very minor help from Google Translate). I've never felt so confident before!


Das ist cool ^_^ I do all those activities too! they make language learning so much fun.


Doesn't it?(: haha.


Congratulations, nathansk8s, on a month of learning German continuously! I hit my first 30-day streak today too (in Italian) and it's nice to see the progress made.


I'm with you there. I've been at it for a little over two months now, and I feel like I'm nearly as proficient with reading Italian as I was with reading German after at least a year of high school classes. It's amazing how motivated I feel taking this method.


I don't even speak good English but I'm supposed to learn Spanish with that. Do you guys have any idea how hard that is?


let me tell you one thing, it ain't easy


How is your speaking availability?

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