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  5. "Non perderò!"

"Non perderò!"

Translation:I won't lose!

February 2, 2015



Why is "I am not going to lose" wrong? "Going to" has previously been used to express the future tense.


Very good point! DL insured that you WERE going to and it shouldn't have! :)


Why is "i'll not lose" wrong?


It should be correct. Report.


Still not accepted. 17.04.2019 Reported


still not accepted 21.03.20


won't accept "I will not lose."


GiuggioJon1: I will not and I won't are synonymous. Both should be accepted -- as well as the more British, I shall not and the present progressive I'm not going to ...this last option as long as it's a translation from Italian into English.


Does perdere also mean lose as opposed to win. Because I always thought it's for losing something (wallet, the way). And I won't lose - if talking about losing something, and without "it" doesn't sound right to me.


It means both. And it even means "miss" as in "miss the train", too.

Non perderò la partita/il mio orologio/il treno all make sense

= I won't lose the match/my watch/miss the train.


Reminds me of my rally cry to complete the Italian course by the end of June. 90 lessons remaining to do in 10 days. Wish me luck. Time will tell.


Good luck! I admire your goal and determination! May I ask, why the urgency? Trip to Italy maybe? Ciao.


The urgency is because I started Italian on January 1 with the goal to complete it in 6 months -- so that I can then. start Portuguese on July 1 and complete it by the end of the year. My pace for Italian was fine for the first 3 months, but in April and May it slowed down a bit. That's why I'm pulling a few marathon days to catch up and get it done by June 30. It's kind of crazy but I think I can do it.


My admiration is even greater. Good for you.


Me too! Same number of yours but by the 15th july (a few days left)! How did it go for you?


Doesn't accept the shall form. Doesn't accept future with going to. Duo needs English lessons.

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