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  5. "Yo soy de España."

"Yo soy de España."

Translation:I am from Spain.

August 7, 2013



My old ears are battling with the sound of 'yo'. Can anyone enlighten me as to whether or not there is a variation in the pronunciation of it. The female voice here sounds like a 'djo' to me; the male more like 'yo'....


I don't hear the female voice pronounce "de" except in the very slow voice.


It's very subtle, but expected given the trailing sound of 'de' is identical to the leading sound of 'España'.

In French, the same oral contractions apply, but they're often made explicit in the written form, making it a easier to remember. For example, the same sentence in French would be: "Je suis d'Espagne".


I think it's regional variation, though I haven't heard the recorded voices you're referring to, but I think it's regional variation. For instance it can sound like "shoh", "ee-oh" with stress on the oh, etc


Gracias eleonoraonline


Just for fun I said "yo thoy de ethpaña",


spaniards only "lisp" the letter Z, and the letter C when it's before i or e. the letter S is never lisped.


Cant hear "de" very clearly


I am from spain is : yo soy de espana, but I am from the United States is Soy de Estados Unidos, why is that?


you dont need "yo" if thats what youre talking about


"De" in some sentences refer to "of" but here it refers to "from". Same goes for "en" ; in some sentences it is used as "in", in some as "on" and in some as "at". So in Spanish, we use the same prepositions for multiple corresponding English prepositions?


By the way, "I'm Spanish" and "I'm from Spain" have different meanings. While the first relates to nationality, the second shows the physical place of where you from. Whould it be correct to use "Soy" in first example and "Estoy" in the second?


I'm = I am... Why to use "I'm" is wrong?


sometimes i see soy and does not come with yo in the beginning. When do i use yo soy versus just soy?


The word "Espana" is really hard to pronounce.


There doesn't seem to be any reason to fault this. Sort yourselves out!


Whoa, this guy's voice sounds big and intimidating lol.




It is very hard to understand the "de" it mixes in the "Espania".


I can't figure out how it says Espania but it's España.


i've noticed that estoy is more for a state like: i am here/yo estoy aqui. whereas soy is more for: yo soy americano or yo soy david. idk if this helps


my name is wilmerly Sánchez Parra y Facebook te extraño mucho porque no te uso ase muchos años


i speak french and this one is tripping me up. In french I would say: Je suis d'Espagne. Can you not use d' or l' in spanish? I feel like that would move things along faster, and it sounded like that's what she was doing anyway. HELP


Spanish only has two contractions, "del" (de el, similar to French "du" being short for "de le") and "al" (a el, similar to French "au" being short for "à le"). Apostrophes are not used when the ending sound and starting sound of two words are the same like in French, so no, "Yo soy d'España" is not correct.

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