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"Yo soy de España."

Translation:I am from Spain.

5 years ago



I thought that the names of countries are NOT capitolized in sentences...

2 years ago


Countries are capitolized but when used to describe a person it is not. Ella es cubana...lower case Yo voy Cuba...upper case.

3 months ago

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There doesn't seem to be any reason to fault this. Sort yourselves out!

8 months ago


My old ears are battling with the sound of 'yo'. Can anyone enlighten me as to whether or not there is a variation in the pronunciation of it. The female voice here sounds like a 'djo' to me; the male more like 'yo'....

2 months ago


I think it's regional variation, though I haven't heard the recorded voices you're referring to, but I think it's regional variation. For instance it can sound like "shoh", "ee-oh" with stress on the oh, etc

2 months ago


Gracias eleonoraonline

2 months ago


Just for fun I said "yo thoy de ethpaña",

2 months ago


"De" in some sentences refer to "of" but here it refers to "from". Same goes for "en" ; in some sentences it is used as "in", in some as "on" and in some as "at". So in Spanish, we use the same prepositions for multiple corresponding English prepositions?

1 month ago