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Duolingo test doesn't save

Twice I've bought the progress test, and both times my browser has quit unexpectedly. If you lose progress while doing the test, the test disappears and you have to pay to use it again.

I know lingots aren't used for much, but it's made me very annoyed to lose 50 of them on something that I haven't been able to finish.

I know that you can't let the quiz be retaken (as many people would flunk out on the last question and try again) but maybe they could move it to 50% completion? Ugh, I'm so mad I can't explain myself!

February 2, 2015



I experienced a similar problem, with the browser reloading unexpectedly. It is frustrating when I loose lingots. Here, consider it a refund.


Thank you Zak, this'll give me funds to do the next one, which hopefully I'll do a little better!


Oh, how annoying!

Are you using a browser on a mobile device (like an iPad or Kindle Fire) by any chance? I've read that the browsers there really can't handle Duolingo and so they tend to quit at unfortunate moments. If you're using a browser on a regular computer that can usually handle Duolingo just fine, I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you besides restart the browser and check for plugin compatibility. (I had some really funky clipboard behavior just on Duolingo yesterday, nowhere else, and restarting the computer fixed it.)

Good luck!

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