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  5. "L'architetto è mio zio."

"L'architetto è mio zio."

Translation:The architect is my uncle.

August 7, 2013



È l'architetto Ted Mosby?


No, è Art Vandelay.


one of the definitions of architetto is 'cook up' so when i saw this i thought 'I cook up my uncle' :0


L'architetto è il mio zio.. is not correct?


Incorrect, since your uncle is an immediate family member, it does not need the "il"

However if it were uncles, then you do need the article.


A lot of us are confused by when to use "il mio" and when not to. I get dinged for not using it and dinged when I do with "mio" Are there any rules for this or are we supposed to guess?


Let me have a try: 1. In general: Possessive pronoun comes with article. 2. Exception: Relatives in s i n g u l a r: No article: Mia madre, tua sorella ... Yet: Le tue sorelle, i miei padri (beware of the joke!) 3. Exception to the exception: The relative is combined with a longer, not just a simple sentence: 3.1 Il mio fratello che lavora a Roma si chiama Giovanni 3.2 Mio fratello si chiama Giovanni.


So 3.1 could be thought of as "my brother, the one that works in Rome, is called John"?

and 3.2 is just "my brother is called John"


Why did i want to put is ...my wolf


isn't he saying mio tio not mio zio??

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