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"Direktøren har den perfekte rolle til skuespilleren."

Translation:The director has the perfect role for the actor.

February 2, 2015



Isn't director (in film contexts) instruktør in Danish?


I think the proper term would indeed be "film instruktør" or just "instruktør" if relation with film is implied by context. But it looks like the "danish" version of the english "director" ("direktør") is also used like many other words that have been "adapted" in the language :) I've seen it in various articles. However, only "instruktør" is defined as a film director in the dictionary :


Til vs. For again! Rollen er perfekt for dig in a previous sentence and now this one with til. I give up!


I've seen direktor used as manager here. Do you suppose the director is working with the bear's production?

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