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Bugged duolingo oO

I was doing some Swedish and suddenly duolingo bugged out: http://prntscr.com/60dsbx

Does anyone know what caused this?

February 3, 2015



Oh! This has been happening to me too! I assumed it was something I had done on my end.


If you have a lot of pages open in a browser or - more importantly, you have not refreshed, reloaded the page for a long time then a few bugs seem to occur. Did it restart later ?


Neither of those were the problem in my case. I wasn't very patient when it happened, I immediately went back out to the home page and restarted the exercise.


This happens to me both in chrome and firefox, and on both PC and mac. Its becoming more frequent. I tried all of their suggestions, removing add ons, refreshing the website, updating flash. Still getting the bug. Seems to be an issue with the programming.

Update: Only seems to happen during non-timed practice? Is this the case for everyone?


I have had this happen repeated. My guess is that it's a race condition in the JavaScript.


It happened to me recently in Danish! It's a challenge to figure of what the Danish voice says, but it's even harder to guess when there is no voice at all :). It seems like a new bug though, it never happened before a week ago or so.


Been happening to me a lot the past few days!


I have been getting the same problem recently. Refresh doesn't seem to help. :-/


Säkert nu befinner vi oss i Dödens Dal.


It seems to be happening after 25 responses.


I wonder: all of such complaints seemed to spike 2 years ago. No comments since. I don't know about the Danish, can't explain that, but I had been studying other languages on Duo until I read Stieg Larsson's 3 bestsellers. Did the first movie come out 2 years ago? I was inspired to start Swedish after finishing 800 pages of the third thriller. Maybe others were influenced by the movies. Millions of copies sold, and I understand the movies are also very popular. The Duo servers may just have been temporarily overwhelmed.

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