"I have really tried."

Translation:Jag har verkligen försökt.

February 3, 2015

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Can someone explain the difference between "verkligen" and "riktigt"?


Well. Verkligen here means that you've really tried, as in that you've made quite an effort. Riktigt on the other hand, cannot be used in this context as it has to do with reality and/or truth. You could say "jag har försökt på riktigt" to mean that in actual reality, you have tried, as opposed to pretending to do so.

Does that clear it up a bit?


I was curious about this too. Have a lingot :)


Does egentligen have the same connotation as riktigt?


A little bit, but not really. It's hard to say out of context. Furthermore, egentligen is an adverb while riktig is an adjective.


What about Verkligen vs. Egentligen?

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This is a tricky one,

Verkligen is used to emphasize that something "really" is in a certain way.
"He is really kind" - Han är verkligen snäll
"She is really tall" - Hon är verkligen lång

Egentligen is used to point out that something, contrary to what one might believe, is in a certain way.
"The dog is really quite kind friendly" - Hunden är egentligen ganska snäll
"Many people think that Columbus discovered America, but it was really the Vikings who did it first" - Många tror att Columbus upptäckte Amerika, men det var egentligen vikingarna som gjorde det först

In the first sentence, "the dog" has obviously been hostile or shown a bad behaviour, but the person saying this wants to point out that this isn't showing the dogs true nature, so contrary to what you believe right now, the dog is actually quite friendly. If you'd replace egentligen with verkligen, the sentence would change to mean that the dog is showing a good behaviour and this really shows.

In the second sentence, egentligen could be replaced by faktiskt, which means "as a matter of fact". However, verkligen would not work.


oh, got it, thanks!


Jag kommenterar här så att jag kan hitta den här förklaringen senare. Tack så hemskt mycket! De här orden gör mig galen, eftersom wiktionary och andra lexikon förklarar inte sina skillnader som så här.


what about har provat?

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That is also correct.


I thought the verb tried came before really?

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