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Whose cat is this? or Whose is this cat?

Which one is correct?

February 3, 2015

23 Comentários


The first one without a doubt !

Whose is this cat?... that sounds like a direct translation from Portuguese, don't you think? Like, if you were about to translate that, like "De quem" ! I don't remember ever seeing anywhere that the second sentence is wrong, but... really, it doesn't sound that common. Definitely, to be on the safe side I would say, go for the first one!


Thank you ! Are you american?


The first one is by far the better option. You should always use the first one rather than the second one when asking questions like this. However, if someone asked me "Whose is this cat?" I would still fully understand, it just would sound a bit off.


Ouch... from a Brit, hearing from someone else that a common way we speak sounds 'off' is quite... disheartening.



Both are grammatically correct.

Whose cat is this? whose= possessive determiner

Whose is this cat? whose = pronoun

As a native speaker, I prefer Whose cat is this? The second sentence sounds awkward, especially based on how it sounds - pronunciation wise...too many "s's" in a row.


Reminds me of Corona singing "zeezeezee rhythm of the night" (this is the).


As a native English speaker, it's whose cat is this.

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