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"Hon har skrivit en bok tyska."

Translation:She has written a book in German.

February 3, 2015



If the subject matter of the book was about German (as opposed to the book being written in German) would we use om instead of på?


I wrote at the end « for » German in place of « in » how does it be to say « for » ? thanks for your help !


Do you mean for the German people? Or for the Federal Republic of Germany? Or about the German Language?


I thought i saw in another lesson i tyska. Whats the difference between på tyska and i tyska?


I believe e.g. i tyska means in the subject of German (to be studied), like "Hon undervisar i tyska."

på tyska means something in the German language.


Is "har" hard to identify in the audio or am I just not used to it yet?

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