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  5. "Tá pléisiúr uaim anois."

" pléisiúr uaim anois."

Translation:I want pleasure now.

February 3, 2015



You all have your minds in the gutter


An chéad chaint in Eirinn a labhraítear ar fud an domhain 


Can "pleisiur" be used to talk about the pleasure of eating food? "An pleisiur na bia"


"The pleasure of eating food" would be an pléisiúr a bheith ag ithe bia.

I'm not quite sure what it would mean, but "The pleasure of food" would be pléisiúr an bhia - no leading an, because the one in the middle makes the whole phrase positive, and an bhia because bia is a masculine noun, with bia as it's singular genitive form.

For food, sásamh might be more appropriate, but the same argument could be made about English.

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