"Yes, it is her."

Translation:Sì, è lei.

August 8, 2013

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>.< I took Sì, lo è lei. But why is the lo in this case for it wrong?


è already means 'it is' (or 'he is' or 'she is') so you don't need to add 'lo' to it or you'll be saying 'it it is!'

'lo' is a different kind of 'it,' replacing a noun. Like instead of saying 'Give me the book' you might say 'Give me it'. That's when you'd use 'lo.' Hope that makes sense!


it said that for me too. :(


its cu in italian lei and lui replaces lo cuz lo is used for animals and obiects. english referance. so you dont need to use lo and just say e lei also e is always before the lei and lui.


i know that just happened to me


direct translation, yes, is her. that should be an answer. i know after reading some of these questions and answers that it should be (yes, it is her). but it would make more sense to me if i memorized the direct translation of the statement/sentences. and understand the Italian semantics.


yeah but program want you to start thinking in italian gramma.


Yes it she!! That's worse than french or spanish! ! :o


Yes, it is SHE!


For some reason i can't do the e with the thingy on top of it


Me neither, not on my tablet, and I keep getting dinged for it. Is there a way?


If you go to Settings, and then to Language Input, there should be an option for how many languages you want your keyboard to access. Just pick the languages you want and when that's done, your spacebar should show a little world icon next to it. If you tap that icon, your spacebar will show which language you want. Then when you are spelling, just hold the letter for a moment and the correct one will be available.

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