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"Farmers do not work in offices."

Translation:Bönder arbetar inte på kontor.

February 3, 2015



Can one also say i kontor?


Yes, but it changes the meaning so it is literal. Jag arbetar på kontor means that I have an office job. jag arbetar i kontor means that my work takes place in offices.


That clarifies things greatly. Prepositions are the trickiest thing for me. Thank you!


In addition to what davost said, it sounds weird to say that you work i kontor if you have an office job.


If I wanted to say I work in an office, would that be jag arbetar på ett kontor then? Or jag arbeter i ett kontor?


på ett kontor


ett kontor, kontoret, många kontor, kontoren (the offices) ???


Shouldn't 'kontor' be plural, i.e. 'kontorer'? To me, Swedish sounds like 'office' is singular, but the English sentence specifies plural (else it should be 'in the/en office'). Or should it be reported as a mistake?


The word 'kontor' is the same in plural and singular.


No Swedes use "arbeta" nowadays.


What do they use? Jobba?


jobba is more common in everyday speech, but that no Swede would use arbeta is frankly a pretty ridiculous statement. It's a very common word in all levels of style.


Is there a reason i kontor is not accepted? The literal "in(side) offices" was how I interpreted the English sentence.


på kontor is the idiomatic expression for doing office work.

If you say i kontor, it makes it sound like you're pointing out that they're physically inside the office - which might be true, but isn't very idiomatic.


bonder arbetar inte pa kontor is perfect. So why use ej?


ej is synonymous with inte, but much more formal. You'll encounter it in formal text and where brevity is important. So for that reason, we do need to accept it, even though the solution with inte is much better for most use cases.


i still don't get how i kontor is not accepted. I read the comments and if you work in an office...then you work INSIDE of an office. your work takes place IN an office i don't understand how i kontor isn't a think. You can't work ON an office.


Would you ever say, in English, "farmers do not work physically inside offices" instead of "farmers do not work in offices"? Because that's what it sounds like in Swedish, that you're actively pointing out that it's on the inside, rather than the point being the offices.

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