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"Hoje, espaço para o entendimento."

Translation:Today, there is room for understanding.

August 8, 2013



Each day I'm surprise....Espaço nesta frase não quer dizer SPACE... why ROOM?... ROOM não seria um espaço fisico?


Space and room have the same meaning when they are describing the capacity of something:

There is no space/room for you in the car. I don't have any space/room here. Move over!! I'll make some space/room for you on the shelf for your things.

These words are not synonymous when room is preceded by an article and it is describing the specific place of a building:

I painted the room white. This house is huge. There must be 20 rooms. We are in room number 34.


Paulenrique thanks again..... But I am in doubt yet... Because it was exactly what I thought... Space and Room aren't synonymous even thought in some sentences Both can be used nevertheless Room is physical site....and not about time, for example... .


Space can't be used for physical places in a building, different from room. But room can be used for physical or non-physical places, that's why room was used in that sentence ;)


thanks for asking and answering this - I just got to use it in a translation!

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