i wish we could lern english because its easier then french,germen,italian

November 23, 2012


You can learn English now (in beta), if you speak Italian! This might not be useful to you, if you don't speak Italian, but a lot of Italians don't speak English at all, or not well enough, so I expect this to be very popular nonetheless.

You can find the option, and maybe even test it a bit, by selecting "more..." in the language menu on the top right of the screen.

I hope to see the English-Italian option of Duo grow and grow because only a few Italians know English (not that the Franch fare much better ...) ..:-)

Hate to say it, but that's probably not true. All languages have their challenging aspects and easy aspects. The number of vowel sounds in English, the epidemic of irregular past tenses, the idiomatic and extremely common phrasal verbs.... give me Italian any day. :P

I agree with you that there is no easy language to master. But from a beginner's point of view, English has numerous advantages on Latin languages, like the absence of a complete conjugation of verbs, the virtual indifference of articles (Italian has 6 detrminative articles ....) or adjectives to the genders. Irregular English verbs are maybe 50, and all you have to remember .are two forms and not the whole conjugation ...

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