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The Danish Course Graduates from Beta!

Hej allesammen!

I have very exciting news to share with all of you! Or it will at least be news for some of you.

Anyhow, on to the big news! We have finally graduated from beta! Okay, I say finally as it is a bad thing, but we have been working hard to stabilize the Danish course and make it the best it can be for you.

That is right, we graduated just this morning (and with flying colors too, if you ask me). The reason for the delayed post about it is because the Danish team consists of a bunch of night owls who go to bed late at night and thus were not awake at around 8 am this morning, when it occurred.

Rune and I have been very blessed to have such a good team around us, even though one member is especially annoying. Sofia already received praise when we got into beta, so now it's time for the man of the hour: Xneb (Sean). This guy has been a solid rock with an amazing work ethic every week. Xneb has been working his butt off for this course, and the entire team is very happy with his efforts. Picking up Xneb is about the best thing we have done since turning to the dark side, and this is even though he was rather reluctant at first.

So let us celebrate this day!

Danish Duo

And a British Duo for Xneb:

British Duo

Moving forward we are not done working on the course. We are also looking to add a few people in order to provide more feedback on the Discussion boards. Our goal is that the Danish Duolingo course should be the best resource available for learning Danish!

I will take this moment to remind you of this amazing post that Rune keeps up to date: The Danish Collection (Overview of Threads). This contains a lot of information that we find useful and also some information on how you can socialize with other people who share your interest in Danish.

Må kraften være med jer!


Team Danish Dynamite: Rune, Sofia, Sean, and Bjarke.

February 3, 2015



Thank you!!!! I have to say I really enjoy your course, and the (grammar) descriptions under the lessons are very useful. Thank you for all your hard work. :))


Congrats and thanks for all your work! Will Translations section be available for Danish in future?


I will look into this, but it might take a while seeing as other courses who graduated recently do not have Immersion yet either.


Wooohoo, I'm really happy to hear about this. Soooo excited. :) This course has helped me so much. Thanks again for everything. I've been literally dying for this course to release. Have been waiting for it months. I just cannot believe it graduated from beta now! And I can tell that this is the best source to learn danish already. I didn't think I would come this far. Thanks, I do appreciate it with all my heart.


Congratulations for all your hard work. The danish course is absolutely fantastic. You made a fantastic work.

I'm sure that the work is not done yet, but it's awesome anyway. Can't wait to see what you will make to make this course even better. :-)

Personally I am eager to see the "Immersion" possibility. :-)

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Skilpadderne og elefanter er glade for! Giv hesten og kvindens kyllinger et glas vin!


Congratulations! I have been enjoying the course and the solid feedback tremendously. Tillykke til fortsættelse!


Is there any plans to add the "words" tab like there is for German/Spanish etc?


Sorry, forgot to say a massive thank you from me (og mine dansk kæreste)!


You are welcome! And I'm not quite sure. We will have to talk to our mentor to see what might come. We will keep you guys up to date.


Tillykke, Team Danish! Can't wait to complete the tree this summer!


Congrats, Team Danish! :D I've loved your course so far! :)


Waheyyy! Congrats & tusind tak to the Danish Team! They way all of you guys work, the course is only going to get better and better (and that's crazy because it already is pretty cool! :D)


Congratulations team Danish! And an enormous thank you for the great course you've made :D


Thanks for the hard work! It is a great course. I am really happy with it.


Congratulations Team Danish!


Tillykke og mange tak for det hårde arbejde!


Nice! I just learned about Duolingo last week and I'm loving it so far.


Thank you so much for taking the time to create the Danish course! Learning Danish has been an amazing experience and helped me tap into my heritage.


Fantastic, and thank you all so much for all your work so that everyone else can benefit. Much appreciated.


Tillykke og tak alle sammen!


Thank you SO much for all of your hard work!!! And CONGRATS!


This is excellent news, congratulations! Thank you all for your hard work. Not only do I finally have a quality resource for learning the danish language but it's free and fun! Well done. Thanks again.


Congratulations! Thanks for making it happen!


Congratulations! I just want to thank you all for the hard work that's been put into this course - it's wonderful.

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Tillykke! Jeg ved i arbejder hårdt når jeg får masser af "Duolingo feedback" mails fra holdet.

Må kraften også fortsætte at være med jer!


Congratulations. Thanks for making a great course!


Du har mit glad!(Ness?)


What do you want to say? :)


"You have my approval/happiness"


"You have my approval" as in "it's okay with me if you do that" would be: "Du har min tilladelse." But something like "You share my happiness" is: "Du deler min glæde!"


This is great news! Congratulations to everyone who deserves them!


Congratulations guys!


I'm really happy for everyone involved, and I'm glad that we could help improve the course by submitting issues for resolution. Thank you so much for your time and effort. I really appreciate being able to learn one of the languages of my ancestors.

I'd like to know if voice exercises are in the works. I've been eager to test my pronounciation! Though I doubt I'll be as good at it as Ambassador Gilford is.


Congratulations! Thank you very much, I'm enjoying so much this course!


Thank you so much for all the work you put into this!


Congratulations and thanks - this course is truly excellent!! Does this mean that there will be speaking exercises soon? Thanks again.


Congratulations and thanks for this great course!


Tillykke og mange tak! :)

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