"She is not satisfied with the service at the hotel."

Translation:Hon är inte nöjd med servicen på hotellet.

February 3, 2015

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'Hon är inte nöjd med hotellets service' is not accepted. Why not?


Why is tjänst not accepted here?


'service' in the English sentence refers to something general, but tjänst is very singular and specific, more like a favor which it can also mean.
a service can be en tjänst when it's specific, like for instance when your ISP delivers your internet connection to you: that is a service in English and en tjänst in Swedish. But the service at the hotel is a more general thing, a whole set of services that they perform for you. Hope this helps, it's a bit hard to explain!


isn't this a possible answer too? hon är inte nöjd med betjäningen på hotellet. can i not use this word for service? or is this only for a restaurant?


Did you try it? If it wasn't accepted, you can report it and A&A can have a look. "Betjäningen" sounds good to me.


To me, it sounds more like what a Fenno-swede would say.


no idea, you mean a sami person? i just like using riktiga swedish words instead of loan words. makes it more fun.


No, I mean a native Swedish-speaking person from Finland, where Swedish is spoken by a small but notable minority of the population.


Hon är inte nöjd med hotellets servicen?


If so, hotellets service.

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