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Is it just me...

who is utterly annoyed by the translations of words and sentences? E. g. Castle does not mean Schloss A castle is eine Burg not ein Schloss

[is rising] does not mean [kommt], when something is rising it is going up, it increases and the correct translation depending on the context would be [ansteigend, wachsend, nimmt zu], etc.

I had a couple of these wrong translations and didn't pass the shortcut.

I am learning actually Spanish and I think that the same is happening there with meaningful translations. You can see that when translating sentences from the web. Words in the drop down menu are sometimes so unhelpful and the sentences do not make any sense at all unless I try a online dictionary and then I get at least 2 other meanings for words or some words in a particular order form an idiom or a expression which fits better into the context.

Rant is over now!

May 7, 2012



'castle' can mean both, 'Burg' and 'Schloss', e.g. see here: http://dict.leo.org/?lp=ende&from=fx3&search=castle I don't know the concrete sentence you're referring to, but indeed the translation 'kommt' for 'is rising' is pretty bad.


I am German, so believe me, the first translation that comes up when you look up castle is Burg. And I would have been happy to accept alternative "answers", but to mark Burg wrong is just not acceptable, and not ok for people trying to learn German or any other language for that matter. The English version of the website of Schloss Nymphenburg translates it to Nymphenburg Palace.

So, duolingo staff - I want my shortcut credentials!

The other sentence was: [The fear is rising.] Which does not make any sense without context and to accept only [Die Angst kommt.] as the correct answer - well that just leaves me without words. Die Angst is nothing that comes, it may creep up on you or you are feeling it but it never [comes = kommen, kommt] to you.

The sun is rising, = Die Sonne geht auf. His crest is rising. = Ihm schwillt der Kamm. The wind is rising. = Der Wind nimmt zu.

The other thing was that [therapy] was one time accepted as [Behandlung/Therapie] and the other time the only accepted answer was Heilbehandlung. For heavens sake, what person does say Heilbehandlung? - a health insurance broker maybe, but not the ordinary person going to the hospital for treatment.


@Vestpocketvenus: I'm German, too. Sorry, I misunderstood you. You weren't very explicit of what exactly you criticized in your first post. I thought you had problems with 'Schloss' as a valid translation. If 'Burg' doesn't get accepted, I totally agree that this is an error and should be fixed. Have you sent feedback to duolinguo? I doubt the admins will read every post here. The other points you raise are also fully valid, of course. 'Heilbehandlung' is funny ;-) I never used that word in my lifetime... Just look at it from a different viewpoint: You have the opportunity to learn some new German words as well ;-)


@ wataya - Oh, I was just so angry, because I lost my 3 attempts to that stupid "£$%%^&* So, I just typed angrily and did not check very much. But reading through the Questions ... It is outrageous that the right answers don't count. Or that words are used that no person of sound mind would use. I had to go for a run, because I was really furious. And I complained all the way through while I was taking the shortcut. To no avail, so far. When I am informed correctly, duolingo is "programmed" entirely in Pyton. Another language I try to learn. They may offer me a job ... ;-)


"The fear is rising" sounds like a typical headline of the yellow press to me. But I would not translate it to "Die Angst kommt", which would make no sense, I would translate it as "Die Angst nimmt zu".

"Heilbehandlung" is a common word in the medical field, which is shortened to "Behandlung" from the laymen.

And Vestpocketvenus - if you want to work for duolingo, you can find the current open positions at the bottom of each page behind the link "Jobs" ;)


@grantangi - I worked for over 10 years as a nurse, no one, incl. me has ever said Heilbehandlung. It is Therapie or Behandlung. And I had a peek yesterday, they are looking for a Brazilian Portuguese speaker - which is not me.


@Vestpocketvenus - Today there are two jobs more (Backend Software Engineer and Software Engineer NLP/MT) and both have Python as a possible requirement. But both are not for me (although I fulfill nearly all of the requirements) but the USA is not a place I am looking for job offers.

And concerning "Heilbehandlung": I just checked it and it seems that that word is used in the medical field but probably only in the legal area of medicine, like laws, insurances and the like. So it could be that in the normal use of doctors and nurses it is never or rarely used.

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