I am looking for a English penfriend.


I am dutch, and I am learning english. I like to have an English penfriend, so you can help me english practising. If you want to learn dutch, we can help each other. Your age does not matter to me. I am a woman 39 years old.

3 years ago

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Ik kan je daarbij helaas niet echt helpen, echter heb je misschien toch wat aan enkele punten die mij zijn opgevallen, met de bijbehorende suggesties dikgedrukt aangegeven:

  • I am looking for an English penfriend
  • I am Dutch and I am learning English
  • I would like to have an English penfriend, so you can help me practise English
  • If you want to learn Dutch, we can help each other
  • I am a 39-year-old woman

De laatste zin kan op vele manieren verwoord worden (maar niet op de jouwe), maar dit lijkt mij de meest gebruikelijke en natuurlijke.

In ieder geval heel veel succes met je Engels!

3 years ago

I an learning Dutch and have only really covered the basics but would be more than happy to exchange letters/emails with you. Email me if you're still interested,

3 years ago

There is a very good group on Facebook, Duolingo Dutch Learners. Quite a few Dutch people have joined to help people with their Dutch learning, and improve their English at the same time. :-)

3 years ago
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