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"I thought you had found the suitcase."

Translation:Eu pensei que você tivesse achado a mala.

August 8, 2013



Is "eu pensei que você tinha encontrado a mala" wrong?

EDIT: never mind, this bloody subjunctive thing is going to be the death of me :D


Naturally in this lesson, you're supposed to use the Subjunctive, but at least in Portugal, that form is widely used colloquially. Not sure if it's wrong in EP, as Paulenrique says it is in BP. I thought it was just a more informal way of saying it. Unfortunately, couldn't find an answer online.


Although few people may say your suggestion, it's still wrong...


Not if you're a descriptive linguist.


Is it wrong to use the imperfect here? "Eu pensava que você tivesse achado a mala."


Pensava.- I (used to) think

Pensei. - I thought

Imperfect. - The action continually happened in the past but not clear if it was ever terminated.

Perfect. - It is clear that the action ended sometime in the past.


Estou na lição do Subjunctive Pluperfect. Logo só pode ser "Eu pensara", certo? Estranhamente quer que eu use apenas o Pretérito Perfeito... http://www.conjugacao.com.br/verbo-pensar/


I think you got confused... Or, more likely, I didn't understand your question... I will try to answer it anyway and you please comment if I didn't get it right :)

Eu pensara is NOT subjunctive, although it is pluperfect, yes - that's shown in the link you posted.
Also, the subjunctive here happens on [that] you had found = que você tivesse achado, not on the "I thought".

The pretérito mais-que-perfeito is used to relate two actions in the past: an action (the pluperfect one) that happened before a PP (perfect past) action. Here, you can't say Eu pensara because there are some problems:

  1. although we have a connector que linking the two sentences/actions, it doesn't express a notion of time, so the sentences are connected, but we don't know their places in the timeline
  2. there's no indication of when the thinking action took place (this could be solved if instead of a que we used something like a "when": when you found it, I thought...)
  3. "você tivesse achado" is not PP, so the pluperfect won't work since it needs a PP to relate to (and, again, it's not PP because of the que)
  4. if we change the sentence to use the pluperfect, it will make no sense:
    To accommodate the pluperfect, the sentence will have to say that the "thinking" (pluperfect) took place before the "finding" (PP). That makes no sense. To be able to say "I thought you had found it", the action of "finding" must have already taken place, cause if it hadn't, you'd know they didn't find anything - the "finding" doesn't even exist yet - it makes no logical sense.

TL;DR: Eu pensara doesn't work because it CAN'T happen before the "finding" of the suitcase.

You could, however, say Eu pensei que você achara a mala. That means that first I heard about the "finding", then I had a thought about it - so the "finding" happened before my "thinking".

However, please note that this is not a structure we use very much, and I'm not educated enough to be able to assure you that this sentence is correct. It seems to fit the rules, but I may be missing some rule that demands this to be the subjunctive rather than the pluperfect (like DL presented) - so please don't take my word as law.

What I can 100% confirm is that Eu pensara doesn't work! C:


Hey vinidcali; first of all, thanks for your answer! The truth is that I really got confused with the title of the module: Subjunctive Pluperfect... Also the answer I thought would fit the rules (if it was Pluperfect) didn't seem right to me as well... I was just conjecturing... I'm not putting my trust on my "pensara" answer, I just knew that if it was "pretérito mais-que-perfeito" I had to use "pensara"... But my confusion was between Subjunctive Pluperfect and Pluperfect... I just found out they are not the same thing...

The more you know... :)


Well, I'm glad you figured it out in the end!

Those tenses are really tricky - good luck on your studies! C:


Is there a reason why eu is necessary here? I said "Pensei que..." and was judged incorrect. Reported

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