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Is it possible to assign Å, Ä, and Ö to number keys?

Is it possible to assign Å, Ä, and Ö to number keys so we don't have to manually click on them in a speed test? It wastes a lot of (precious speed practice) time, and half the time the click doesn't register anyway, so it still comes up as a typo. It would be a lot better if they were linked to set keys, for those of us who don't have Swedish keyboards. Thoughts?


February 3, 2015



You can always install the swedish keyboard in keyboard settings. I'm using finnish keyboard and it works a lot better in the speed test.


Is that a setting just on Duolingo? Or would I have to do that for my computer as whole?


I installed the keyboard for the "whole system" and set up a shortcut (ctrl+shift) to change between polish and finnish keyboard. Once you do it it's very handy for duolingo or memrise for example (or anytime you want to write something in swedish or use the dictionary).


You don't need to install anything if you have a Windows computer, you can make it so you can instantly switch keyboard languages with a simple 2-button combination

Just go to [Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards and Languages > Change keyboards > General]

Then just click "Add" and add all the language keyboards you want.

Then go into "Advanced Key Settings" and you can change the button combinations to suit your needs.


Yeah, I was saying that from a position of Linux user. I had to go to keyboard settings and simply install it. :)


If you learn the alt + settings on your computer that might benefit you better in the long run anyway for typing. So for instance alt + n and then n gives you ñ or alt+u and then another letter will give you Ä or Ö.

I usually find that (learning the alt combinations for your home keyboard) is faster than trying to learn a new keyboard unless you're talking about a non-Latin alphabet, but your mileage may vary. So, for Hebrew, I switch my keyboard, but for Latin alphabet languages I don't need to, I just learn where the shortcut is for the thing I need.

Alt + shift + a = Å (alt+a= å) or at least that's how it works on my keyboard. If you know how to touch-type it should slow you down a lot less than clicking the screen.


I don't understand why someone would down-vote advice that explains you don't need to add/learn entirely new keyboards on your computer to achieve what you want. If you learn the shortcuts to put different accent marks on each letter, it'll be faster than switching between two keyboards all the time, and you won't accidentally teach yourself a 'wrong' keyboard (because while practically it would make sense to learn the keyboard if you're moving to the country of your target language, my experience has been the keyboards your computer has installed do not always match the keyboards in another country. I taught myself the "Latin American Spanish" keyboard, for example, and found it useless in Ecuador. Try learning the DVORAK keyboard as a QWERTY user and see what I mean - easier to learn one keyboard in another language than two.)

Aside from problems with the installed keyboards and physical keyboards not always matching, I've also had a problem where keyboards become disabled or disappear/switch. It's been rarer since I removed all but the Chinese and Hebrew keyboards, but leads me back to not typically recommending installing keyboards through your language settings if you don't really need to. Because if it switches /disables at your login screen you might be out of luck.


if you have a keyboard with macro buttons you can put å,ä, and ö on them, thats what i do, but i realise not everyone wants to spend £50 on a keyboard.

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