"Det var hemskt att se min son så ledsen."

Translation:It was terrible to see my son so sad.

February 3, 2015

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Well, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be totally depressed by the end of this skill


What's the difference between ledsen and sorglig?


A person or an animal can be ledsen. A situation can be sorglig.


It's awful that the Swedish word for "terrible" resembles "home": hemsk and hem! How did that happen? Was it so bad at home? Is this why the Vikings went out with their ships? For me it's a false friend within this language.


Before it meant terrible, it had several now dead meanings of e.g. imbecile, lazy, shy, easily frightened, depressed, and so on. They all had in common that those people would have always stayed at home, so the same word was applied to all of them - hemsk. English has a direct cognate in "homish", although that is obviously a false friend.


Jag tackar dig för förklaringen. So the two words are related, but their meanings grew apart.


It is like the backward and crazy people were homebound. Which was terible for them and rather sad for the others in the family. Hem .. Hemskt...hmmm.


Why not "that was"?


That wouldn't make a lot of sence in english.


why here hemskt, not hemsk or hemska?

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