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"My uncle and my aunt were walking on that street when they saw my car."

Translation:Meu tio e minha tia estavam caminhando naquela rua quando viram meu carro.

August 8, 2013



While I can see a case for using the continuous "estavam caminhando", is it wrong to use the plain imperfect "caminhavam"? The walking action that was going on in the past was interrupted by another action which I can definitely see as requiring the preterite form, as indicated by Paulenrique's answer to Riley above.


Why "viram" and not "viam"?


"viram". Like in English, we have to use the Simple Past when an action in the past interrupts an action that was going on in the past. "Viam" is pretérito imperfeito, which is not used in this kind of structure.


ah of course, thanks Paulo, I must be having a shocker today!


What about using "nessa" instead of "naquela"?


How about "olharam (para) meu carro"?


olharam = looked at

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